How it all started

  • Everything started when I was in the 8th grade and decided I wanted to be a translator and interpreter. That decision came up not only because of my passion for languages, but also because of reading a lot about the profession in “Student Guides” offered at school.

    The identification with the required characteristics was immediate. I had already studied English and Spanish for a while at that time and I kept on searching for learning in the world of languages.

    How can you do it?
  • Then, in 2004, I enrolled in the University of São Paulo (USP) in the school of Languages and chose Italian to be part of my life as well. After two years, I saw an opportunity to live abroad and moved to Boston, US.

    I enjoyed one year and a half of discoveries, learning, personal and professional transformation. There, I had the chance to take some courses at Harvard University that were transferred to my academic curriculum at USP, and also the most important thing to a translator/interpreter: I could acquire deeper knowledge about the local culture and experience it as a native would do.

    How can you do it?
  • Back to Brazil in 2007, professional life started to take off with some translation jobs that came up. In 2009, I started the Translators and Interpreters Education course at Associação Alumni, arranging it with translation jobs and the School of Languages at University.

    In 2011, I managed to finish everything and started doing some simultaneous interpretation jobs. Besides, at the same year, I received a scholarship from the Italian Cultural Institute of São Paulo and went to Italy to spend a couple of months there, where I had the opportunity to enhance the language and live the culture, the history and the literature I had studied for so long in the universities in Brazil and in the United States.

    How can you do it?
  • Later on, in 2012, knowing about the need of being always up-to-date and meeting other colleagues in the world of interpretation, I enrolled in the graduate course of Conference Interpretation at Gama Filho University (UGF), today known as Estácio de Sá University.

    Additionally, in that period and after the graduate course, I returned to Associação Alumni to take part in the interpretation recycling courses and I attended, and continue attending, several lectures, congresses and workshops towards the area of translation and interpretation, besides also doing my share currently and contributing as a speaker and organizer of educational events for those who are entering in the area of Translation and Interpretation.

    How can you do it?
  • The year of 2014 was unique in my life. And, in addition to a very active and growing professional life, one of the major events to me was the launch of the cultural book "Lendas de Itapetininga e Região" [Legends of Itapetininga and its Region] that I wrote in partnership with Maria Nunes da Costa Menk.

    By means of our book, we have developed an effort of reading awareness and cultural rescue, encouraging children and youth to have that passion for reading through more than 100 legends told by local people.

    We also started giving lectures and telling stories in schools and organizing cultural events in town. An extremely satisfying effort, not only professionally, but also personally.

    Lendas de Itapetininga e Região no Facebook

    How can you do it?