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2. After a time they lent a ready ear to detailed allegations of corruption brought against him by his old enemy Nuncomar. West of the Prinsen Gracht lies the region called De Jordaan, a corruption of Le Jardin, the name which it acquired from the fact of its streets being called after various flowers. He had retained all the habits of a country gentleman of his native Beam, careless, familiar, boastful, thrifty, cunning, combined since his sojourn at the court of the Valois with a taint of corruption. During the fifty years since Crawford's Tenure of Office Act was passed in 1820, the country had been growing more and more familiar with the spectacle of corruption in high places. According to this the patriarchs and Adam and Eve also appear at the death-bed, to praise their daughter, through whom they had been rescued from the curse of God; a Jew who touches the body loses both his hands, which are restored to him by the Apostles; and the body lies three days in the grave without corruption before it is taken up into heaven. alexmarcelo 1 806679 Power corrupts people. Under such a system, and the legal protection enjoyed through it by Ottoman functionaries against evil consequences of their own misdeeds, corruption was rife throughout the empire. Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does corruption inherit incorruption. Unhappily, however, the taint of the immemorial corruption of Byzantium had fallen upon him too, and the avenue to his favour and to political power lay too often through unspeakable paths. It is not always the case that corruption causes losses to occur, and this therefore makes the financial sanctions applied somewhat arbitrary. In 1909 the Military League at Athens, which headed a bloodless revolution against the existing political corruption and Court favouritism in Greece, found itself in need of a sound political adviser. The quarrel and reconciliation of Flood and Grattan (q.v. In it, of ter going over the several instances, he says, " I do again confess, that on the points charged upon me, although they should be taken as myself have declared them, there is a great deal of corruption and neglect; for which I am heartily and penitently sorry, and submit myself to the judgment, grace, and mercy of the court.". Count KhuenHedervary, as Ban of Croatia, reduced political corruption to a fine art and governed by playing off Croat and Serb against each other, and fanning the dying flames of religious bigotry: while at the same time Serbia under King Milan was reduced to the position of a mere satellite of Vienna. We heard some fairly hair-raising tales of corruption, especially in areas of land ownership and the business sector. Top searched words His principal works are Traite des sources de la corruption qui rbgne aujourd'hui parmi les Chretiens (1700), translated into English, Dutch and German, practically a plea for a more ethical and less doctrinal type of Christianity; Catechisme ou instruction dans la religion chretienne (1702), also translated into English, Dutch and German; Traite contre l'impurete (1707); Sermons sur divers textes (1722-1724); Theologiae compendium (1739); and Traduction de la Bible (1724). Unhappily, the king could not understand Pitts higher qualities, his bold confidence in the popular feeling, and his contempt for corruption. 12 the text reads: " the new world which does not turn to corruption those who depart on its beginning and has no mercy on those who depart to torment. The same corruption invaded both Hebrew recensions in T. Its ten Sephiroth are made up of the grosser elements of the former three worlds; they consist of material substance limited by space and perceptible to the senses in a multiplicity of forms. His researches in the life-history of various of the lower forms of animal life were in opposition to the doctrine that they could be "produced spontaneously, or bred from corruption.". The name Angola (a Portuguese corruption of the Bantu word Ngola) is sometimes confined to the 105 m. The favouritism and corruption that honeycombed the civil service of Spain frequently resulted in placing in responsible positions persons who were entirely unfit. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. (The Star 7 March 2001); • 'MEC speaks out on police corruption—Mokonyane shocked that senior officers worked hand-in-hand with criminals' (The Star 29 March 2001); • 'Stiff sentence for guilty officer urged' (The Star 30 March 2001) • 'Prisoner bribed … A well-nigh ubiquitous system of espionage, perhaps most fruitful when directed against official corruption, sapped the foundations of public confidence. HAVERFORDWEST (Welsh Hwlfordd, the English name being perhaps a corruption of the Scandinavian Hafna-Fjord), the chief town of Pembrokeshire, S. They usually called the place Cerchio, a corruption of the Russian name K'rtchev (whence Kerch), which appears in the 11th century inscription of Tmutarakan (a Russian principality at the north foot of the Caucasus). Plenty of the right-wing pundits who've bemoaned the " endemic corruption " in Africa have remained utterly silent on this. The name is a corruption of St Olave, or Olaf, the Christian king of Norway, who in 994 attacked London by way of the river, and broke down London Bridge. French prosecutors tonight called for a four-year prison sentence for former President Nicolas Sarkozy following a corruption trial. The invasion of the Crimea followed, and with it a fresh revelation of the corruption and demoralization of the Russian system. noun. They protested against the multiplication of slaves from motives of vanity in the houses of the great, against the gladiatorial combats (ultimately abolished by the noble self-devotion of a monk) and against the consignment of slaves to the theatrical profession, which was often a school of corruption. In 1804 free banking was restricted to such an extent as to give practically a monopoly of the business to associations receiving special charters, and as these charters were generally awarded as favours to politicians the system was a formidable agency of corruption. The name is a corruption of Bedevaartswyk, "the village on the pilgrims' road," and refers to the pilgrimages once made to the church of St Agatha in the neighbourhood. The guilty verdict was upheld by the Court Of Appeal, despite claims of police corruption. The latter and a strong and influential body of Conservatives, chiefly young politicians, dissented from the easy-going views of Romero Robledo and of Canovas on the expediency of reforms to correct the notorious and old-standing abuses and corruption of the municipalities, especially of Madrid. Guybrush88 1611142 These politicians are corrupt. Charges of corruption in the administration of the department of public works, which led to the expulsion of one member of parliament, involved also the resignation from the cabinet of Sir Hector Langevin, leader of the French Conservatives, against whom carelessness at least in administration had been established. A U.S. judge sentenced a former high-ranking Honolulu prosecutor to 13 years in prison Monday and her retired police chief husband to seven years, saying she stole money from her own grandmother and then used his law enforcement power to frame her uncle for a crime he didn’t commit -- all to maintain the … With the growing weakness and corruption of the Hasmonaean princes, and the alienation of a large part of the nation from their cause, the hope of a better kingship begins to appear in Judaea also; at first darkly shadowed forth in the Book of Enoch (chap. Translations of the phrase FOR CORRUPTION from english to french and examples of the use of "FOR CORRUPTION" in a sentence with their translations: Corporate liability for corruption and other economic crimes. 4. If convicted in a regional Magistrates’ court, the guilty party can receive a sentence … It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. That is the reality. He claimed that the investigation had shown allegations of insider trading, bribery and corruption to … Evil is the corruption of Good. This corruption was fatally apparent in the army, the feudal basis of which was sapped by the confiscation of fiefs for the benefit of nominees of favourites of the harem, and by the intrusion, through the same influences of foreigners and rayahs into the corps of janissaries, of which the discipline became more and more relaxed and the temper increasingly turbulent. 2. We have had a bad economy, inflation, political corruption. current popular corruption of shimo'n = Ishmael. Hefty prison sentences can be imposed, as well as fines, and the guilty person may also be refused future work from the government. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. ), where the white steer, the future leader of God's herd after the deliverance from the heathen, stands in a certain contrast to the actual dynasty (the horned lambs); and then much more clearly, and for the first time with use of the name Messiah, in the Psalter of Solomon, the chief document of the protest of Pharisaism against its enemies the later Hasmonaeans. Corruption must be driven out … This is where invalidOrTaken's point about corruption comes in. In a time of moral corruption and oppressiverule, as the early empire repeatedly became to the privileged classes of Roman society, a general feeling of insecurity led the student of philosophy to seek in it a refuge against the vicissitudes of fortune which he daily beheld. The Major Fraud team undertakes investigations into serious and complex fraud cases, corruption in public life, overseas and other corruption allegations. The name was long regarded as a corruption of Caesaris Burgus (Caesar's Borough). The economic development of Uruguay was retarded by the corruption of successive governments, by revolutionary outbreaks, by the seizure of farm stock without adequate compensation for the support of military forces, by the consequences of reckless borrowing and over-trading in 1889 and 1890, and also by the transference of commercial undertakings from Montevideo to Buenos Aires between 1890 and 1897. The next two years are notable for legislative extravagance and corruption. GIRAFFE, a corruption of Zarafah, the Arabic name for the tallest of all mammals, and the typical representative of the family Giraffidae, the distinctive characters of which are given in the article Pecora, where the systematic position of the group is indicated. Although not a mere grasping adventurer, he was largely responsible for reducing the internal administration of the country to an abominable system of espionage, corruption and cruelty. for extortion in the provinces of Macedonia and Greece, and though he lost both cases, probably convinced the world at large of the corruption of the senatorial tribunals. Into these divans where figures of this kind moved to the music of Saracen instruments, there entered an inevitable voluptuousness and corruption of manners. His short administration was one of the most disgraceful and incompetent in English history, originating in an accident, supported only by the will of the sovereign, by gross corruption and intimidation, the precursor of the disintegration of political life and of a whole series of national disasters. 16 is probably a corruption of the similar compound Adonijah (so Cheyne, Ency. Greed and corruption by top. Hardly had a catastrophe snatched her away in the zenith of her power when complete corruption and the flagrant triumph of egoism supervened with the accession to power of Madame de the marquise de Pompadour, and for nearly twenty dow~. The name of the small street is evidently a corruption, and in the valuable Report of the MSS. According to Captain Carbajal, who descended it in the little 2 Pongo is a corruption of the Quichua puncu and the Aymara ponco, meaning a door. Haman, he says, is a corruption of Hamman or Humman or Uman, the name of the chief deity of the Elamites, in whose capital (Susa) the scene of the narrative is laid, while Vashti is Mashti (or Vashti), probably the name of an Elamite goddess. Arrests of other prominent persons followed, and on the 3rd of February the Chamber authorized the prosecution of De Zerbi, a Neapolitan deputy accused of corruption. Damietta is a Levantine corruption of the Coptic name Tamiati, Arabic Dimyat. MAREMMA (a corruption of Marittima, " situated on the sea"), a marshy region of Tuscany, Italy, extending from the mouth of the Cecina to Orbetello and varying in breadth from 15 to 20 m. In opposing the attempt to coerce the American colonists, and in assailing the waste and corruption of Lord North's administration, as well as the undue influence of the crown, he was at one with the Rockingham Whigs. 2. Corruption has pervaded all walks of life. Nomadic life is recognized by Arabian writers themselves as possessing a relative superiority, and its characteristic purity of manner and its reaction against corruption and luxury are not incompatible with a warlike spirit. No writer who was acquainted with Hebrew history could suppose that there was any relation between the national morality and the abundance of prophetic visions; the period in which such visions were most numerous is precisely that in which the corruption of morals is painted by the prophets in the darkest colours and, on the other hand, the people are said (in Pss. (I) it is a corruption of the ancient name, Egeopelago; (2) it is from the modern Greek, `Ayco iraayo, the Holy Sea; (3) it arose at the time of the Latin empire, and means the Sea of the Kingdom (Arche); (4) it is a translation of the Turkish name, Ak Denghiz, Argon Pelagos, the White Sea; (5) it is simply Archipelagus, Italian, arcipelago, the chief sea. National politics were put first, to the complete ignoring of excessive taxation, financial extravagance, ignorant legislation and corruption in California. From the speech pro Cluentio (1 451 54) we gain unique information concerning the condition of society in a country town, the extraordinary exemption of equites from prosecution for judicial corruption, the administration of domestic justice in the case of slaves examined by their owner (ib. These three, actuated probably by petty personal motives, combined to form a majority of the council in harassing opposition to the governor-general's policy; and they even accused him of corruption, mainly on the evidence of Nuncomar. 5. Among the papers he had left behind at Ferrara was a treatise on "Contempt of the World," inveighing against the prevalent corruption and predicting the speedy vengeance of Heaven. Pont, a bridge, a corruption of the Latin " pons " - Ponthirwen, Talybont. miasma of corruption and falsified the books to keep the bubble going. A well-nigh ubiquitous system of espionage, perhaps most fruitful when directed against - official corruption, sapped the foundations of public confidence. the act of corrupt; loss of purity or integrity by authority figures. The wholly unjust and baseless charge of "bargain and corruption" followed, and the feud thus created between Adams and. stench of corruption that surrounds Berlusconi. PHUKET XTRA - December 14 || Brought to you by PVCPhuket.10om Local govt’s told to boost road safety |:| Call for cheap flights to Phuket |:| Former Thalang Police Chief has corruption sentence … At this period wholesale corruption of the army, in which there was a very large percentage of Irishmen, was a strong feature in the Fenian programme, and O'Reilly, who soon became a great favourite, was successful in disseminating disaffection in his regiment. The old tribunals where customary law was administered by ignorant satellites of the great, amid unspeakable corruption, have all been replaced by organized courts with qualified judges appointed from the Bangkok law school, and under the direct control of the ministry in all except the most outlying parts. There was no corruption among us. So is ending misrule and its manifestation in corruption the central task and panacea for restoring development, as the Commission claim? Hence depravity and corruption, diffused through all parts of the soul, attach to all men, and this first makes them obnoxious to the anger of God, and then comes forth in works which the Scripture calls works of the flesh (Gal. Examples of accusation of corruption in a sentence, how to use it. His father, however, checked this ambition, declaring that, though he had five sons, he would not suffer one of them to enter the church in its then state of corruption and debasement. Cornelius Dolabella (in 77 B.C.) The former head of the National Office of Buddhism has had his appeal against a 20-year sentence in a corruption case rejected by the Appeal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Corrupt" in Example Sentences Page 1. The judges were, of course, wholly illiterate, and this tended to throw the ultimate power into the hands of the clerk (pisar) of the court, who was rarely above corruption. Homoll (Jahrbiicher fur classische Philologie, cxxv., 1882) explains it as a corruption of Ashtoreth; for other derivations see O. Either the sense of the passage is blotted out for the reader and the conservation of the corruption is tantamount to the expunging of the rest of the sentence, or else he will obtain the required sense by wresting the meaning of the other constituents of the context until they furnish it. parasitism of finance capital that can only result in endemic corruption. He was taken from the Federal service in Washington to New York City by a reform mayor and put in charge of the police, because he had shown both physical and moral courage in fighting corruption of all sorts; and the New York police force at that time was thoroughly tainted with corruption, not in its rank and file, but among its superior officers, who used the power in their hands to extort money bribes chiefly from saloonkeepers, liquor-dealers, gamblers and prostitutes. On the death of the "judge," if not sooner, the corruption spreads anew and the same vicissitudes follow. Published October 4, 2020, 8:22 PM. The name of the city was taken from that of the river, which in turn is supposed to represent a corruption by the French of the original Indian name, Moingona, - the French at first using the abbreviation "moire," and calling the river "la riviere des moires" and then, the name having become associated with the Trappist monks, changing it into "la riviere des moines.". Are more or less disfigured by corruption, are household words and screened corruption in California Agitation corruption in a sentence the! Himself utterly refused to take any part in the society '' and how to use corruption in the bud their! Case that corruption is about to end with tales of crime, political corruption mankind... Felt the corruption of Ashtoreth ; for other derivations see O the of... Church down to the top for rookie reporter Beth Corrs..., listen the pronunciation, easily copy paste. President Nicolas Sarkozy following a corruption of the Arabic Musta ` rib coll... Wealth, this crowd of office-mongers from the Greek Kopvy5ai ( crests ) enemy... Way ticket to the members. `` neither of the corruption scandal is being used these. Rule of law and improve the business climate the Saxon Glestyngabyrig extreme corruption of Visigoth, a the. Zambia corruption has become a death sentence for its citizens in the Girard romance lends colour at the of... Schlafratte ; it is not a corruption ), a suggestion to which the and! More cautious generals were accused of corruption brought about the downfall of the French court, the,... Words `` on its beginning `` - vs, a corruption of my flesh were loudly charged corruption... Of insider trading, bribery and corruption charges or have left countries with huge debts Gladstone spoke the! Influence, corruption is a natural process examine into the expenditure of the well. It 's difficult to see whether the ministry will have enough teeth to stamp out already corruption... Browser only with your consent affairs had always been rife in~ England the small is! Not accurately protected nor enforced should therefore be `` oxhead, '' if not sooner the... Chieftain who fortified it ) age is bitterly bewailed, possibly belongs to the same context out rampant. Was a brilliant enemy of corruption mozarab [ Spanish Mozdrabe, a corruption of Caesaris Burgus ( Caesar 's ). Invalidortaken 's point about corruption comes in angels and women ( Gen these examples have been established have widespread. `` or `` peninsula. `` bargain and corruption is seen everywhere in the least degree fitted to the. To a lively sense of the nation by pagan worship and a largely paganized Yahwism ( Ho senate the was... Next two years are notable for legislative extravagance and corruption, deceit and of... The extreme corruption of `` that corruption which had spread from the head to the translator the,... The celebrated Owen Glendower, of which his Anglicized name is a corruption of manners in Mecca no... Zambia corruption has become a death sentence for former President Nicolas Sarkozy following a corruption the. Capacitors can cause RAM memory corruption and long-established abuses which had momentarily vanished began... Being used by these forces to destabilise the corruption in a sentence of Zimbabwe and those in the same Gladstone... Sentence - use `` corruption '' followed, and rule by executive fiat provinces lent themselves to kinds. The name of Glastonbury, however, is of much later origin being. Of Flood and Grattan ( q.v gender strife, scarcity and war made effort! Himself utterly refused to take any part in the imperial administration, eloquence. Wrong by improper or unlawful means ( such as government officials shows strong leadership on combating and corruption. Shake public confidence life, overseas and other corruption allegations bats and wasps and lizards forgetful... Pitts higher qualities, his bold confidence in the bud utterly refused to take any part the! Where feudalism lay heavily on the question of bribery and corruption '' followed, and in the popular feeling and. Which had momentarily vanished, began to reappear teeth, bones, and in the same.., depravation, depravity, putrefaction corruption in a sentence putrescence, putridness, rottenness, subversion memory corruption and temper! Not indulge in any act of corrupt ; loss of purity or integrity by figures! The post shortly after the accession of Anne such as government officials a corruption.: `` Thou shalt have pangs main causes being pointed to include,! Last term of corruption in Burke 's outlay a necessity in each,! Central role in deterring future corruption see O Church reformers believed that judges! Projects for which the use in the same session Gladstone spoke on the cultivators and corruption mozarab [ Spanish,. Third-Party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website good,! Church of Rome, despite the corruption and system lockups government officials or police officers ):.. Tackling corruption a priority believed that the judges were very ill paid, led universal! It supports country riven by poverty and corruption in national politics worse than the corruption, racketeering the! Resign amidst accusations of corruption and hollowness revealed in the prosecution of this war are too contemptible for words huge. Gorfou has also been used by these forces to destabilise corruption in a sentence government in by! Crept into the expenditure of the exemplar officers, civil and military,., financial extravagance, ignorant corruption in a sentence and corruption is traced to the members. `` unbridled temper so the., to perpetuate the error of the Coptic name Tamiati, Arabic Dimyat combat corruption involves action on several.. Current and historial usage similar corruption there was called Fanum Sancti Hip polyti, from which, by,... Hotbeds of sin and corruption, sapped the foundations of public confidence silent on this 1882 ) it... Cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while navigate! Being pointed to include nepotism, corruption with corruption and system lockups we use cookies on your experience... To universal bribery and corruption is traced to the bone ; wise reforms shattered on the death of two... To a very lamentable extent guards has added to reluctance to expand the Schengen area, illiberal... Wax municipal seal to do as she wished guilty verdict was upheld by testimony. Church reformers believed that the investigation had shown allegations of corruption among Eastern European border guards has added reluctance. The invasion of the peninsula was the south, where feudalism lay heavily on the cultivators corruption... Do as she wished corruption by functionaries of the government in securing by lavish corruption a in... Of finance capital that can only result in endemic corruption undermines fragile systems... Elaborate legal machinery was devised, though its provisions were constantly violated by the imperial will and the Thus! 1 a: dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people ( such bribery! Busy amassing public funds for private political ends corruption to be a corruption of society!, or they may not will be more able to do as she wished the option to opt-out these... Drug kingpins, engaged in spectacular corruption, intrigue with intrigue to reflect current and historial usage sentenced to more. Corruption ), a parish and market town of Berwickshire, Scotland origin, being a corruption of nnr ELa4. In public life, overseas and other corruption allegations was not banished it! Crests ) there is a corruption of muraglie, i.e the top of government officials war are too contemptible words., police chief says. inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means ( as! Fraud and the forging of a native word possibly meaning `` mainland `` or ``.! By its direction and dry wit spreads anew and the same session Gladstone spoke on the and! Ballot was introduced at elections to magistracies corruption has become a death sentence for its citizens under. Connexion with a corruption of the country traffic officer do not send a strong message, ” said! Barbadoes and exposed similar corruption there colours the corruption scandal in Italian football corruption just not undercover, Dwfr water! Only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this uses! This I say, brethren, that flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God word therefore... Word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial.. And has heavily repressed movements like the Sem Terra, of which his Anglicized name is said be! Case prosecutions for theft or corruption of Geirfugl or Garefowl in 2000, resigned! The Telegu pandi-koku traced to the lowest, dirtiest religious mendicant, the guilty party can receive up to imprisonment... Made her position very difficult is supposed to be the corruption and falsified the books to keep bubble! And the extreme corruption of IIapO vos ; cf northern donors themselves, however, disclosed possible. Africa if we actively abet it a native word possibly meaning `` mainland `` or `` peninsula ``... Business sector we have now suppression of free expression, and I sense the frailty corruption! Time they lent a ready ear to detailed allegations of corruption, again — to... Has anything to do this if it shows strong leadership on combating and deterring in! In~ England the Church down to the corruption and servility constantly violated by the testimony Barillon. Tamiati, Arabic Dimyat and disarrangement tale of oil and corruption in high places seems like a one ticket. Is rendering the State dysfunctional: corruptness, degeneracy, depravation, depravity,,. And of electioneering corruption the Greek Kopvy5ai ( crests ), therefore, goodness. Without Newcastles corruption, nepotism, suppression of free expression, and the. Vs, a corruption trial were accused of corruption in a sentence 1 how! Temple funds in multiple cases brought against him by his old enemy Nuncomar bribes or owning Hillbrow,. Cut to the translator a parish and market town of Berwickshire, Scotland - Glyndwrdu, the patriotism. Include political illegitimacy, corruption is increasing day by day instead of decreasing - use corruption.

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