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There is no single catch-all data privacy law. Provides an overview of the key privacy and data protection laws and regulations across the globe. Scope: The NYPA applies to “legal entities that conduct business in New York” or that “intentionally target” residents of New York with their products or services, which gives the law extra-territorial application. This article breaks down the crucial parts of each state’s privacy regulation law/bill — including who they cover, when they take effect, penalties, how to achieve compliance as well as why states took the reins before the federal government to protect consumer’s personal data. Click on the state whose privacy laws you’re interested in to read more, and find helpful links for ecommerce businesses operating there. 11 new state privacy and security laws explained: Is your business ready? Official name: Standards for The Protection of Personal Information of Residents of the Commonwealth (201 CMR 17.00), Regulatory authority: Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. The laws establish consumer courts, to which consumers can direct complaints against defective products and misinformation by sellers. Consider reading more into the details on California’s major (and severe) privacy laws like the recently passed CCPA and the children-privacy-targeted COPPA, because Californian consumers are likely landing on your site (which would make these laws apply to your business). The Definitive Guide to U.S. State Data Breach Laws 5 Alaska Reference: Alaska Stat. Official name. Every state … For instance, COPPA allows parents to review and delete their children’s information, and the CCPA allows California residents request deletion of their records, with certain limitations. Several states (see above) have privacy laws working their way through the legislatures. Oregon’s Information Security Law was also updated in 2018, and emphasizes the importance of website security for businesses that collect customer data. The remaining three concerns are managed as each state sees fit within its jurisdiction: In general, these laws govern how a business collects, stores and keeps its confidential consumer data safe. This doesn’t include individuals, however, who have the chance to sue on a case by case basis. A comprehensive assessment of all laws applicable to breaches of information other than PII. It doesn’t apply to state and territory public sector health service providers, such as public hospitals. Colorado’s Gov. If you have time, a share would mean a lot to us — don’t forget to @Termly_io and use the hashtag #Termly! The law requires that every state agency appoint a “responsible authority” who will establish procedures to insure that data requests are “received and complied with in an appropriate and prompt manner.” If a government entity wants to collect an individual’s private or confidential data, the entity must give that individual a privacy notice called a “Tennessen Warning”. is mentioned in their legislation. This legislation pairs with their already existing statute mandating breach notifications to help make New Jersey one of the tougher pro-privacy states in the US. As for now, there are several other states in the process of passing a comprehensive data protection rules. All information, software, services, and comments provided on the site are for informational and self-help purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice. As a result, companies have been pressured to comply with a plethora of new United States privacy laws. However, there is no federal data privacy law or central data protection authority tasked with ensuring compliance. But as of this writing, only California, Nevada, and Maine have privacy laws in effect. In 2014, 110 bills were introduced on student data privacy in 36 states, with 24 signed into law. Many of these laws have been enacted in just the past two to three years, as cybersecurity threats and … Their bill also doesn’t allow civil action for breach negligence unless the offending company has “engaged in a course of repeated and willful violations” of the law. It doesn’t have a specific deadline for breach notifications (using unclear, “as soon a reasonably possible” language). On July 19th, 2018 Nebraska’s state legislature amended their primary data privacy bill — the “Nebraska Financial Data Protection and Notification of Data Security Breach Act”. Not only does it demand businesses have a means of disposing consumer data after its use has expired, but it also requires companies to implement security measures that match the size and scope of the organization — making it one of a growing number of state bills that demands more from businesses when it comes to protecting user data. Previously, only unencrypted information that had been stolen would demand a mandatory notification. In 2015, Montana expanded their breach notification law to ensure medical entities / businesses that collect medical information inform their consumers in the event of their information being compromised. Disposal methods include shredding and erasure. Click on the abbreviation of a state to see which privacy-related topics its laws cover. § 45.48.010 et seq. In 2005, North Carolina took a stance to protect its residents and their PII by enacting the Identity Theft Protection Act (ITPA). How do privacy laws in the U.S. differ from the EU’s GDPR? North Dakota has been requiring breach notifications since June of 2005, and their particular law demands companies notify affected persons without unreasonable delay once a breach has been discovered. For more information about state data breach notification laws or other data privacy or cybersecurity matters, please contact your Foley attorney or the following: State Data Breach Notification Laws Chanley Howell Partner Jacksonville 904.359.8745 Aaron Tantleff Partner Chicago 312.832.4367 Many companies also share or sell this data to third parties who use the information for their own proprietary needs. Things like fingerprints and facial scanners fall under this — so a company like Facebook is at risk of litigation in Illinois, when they instantly tag user photos based on facial recognition technology without the proper consent. New York Consumer Privacy Act (NYPA). This right is often considered incompatible with the American right of freedom of speech, enshrined in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, because forcing information to be delisted can be seen as narrowing this freedom and bringing the risk of censorship. Hawaii’s existing legislation pertaining to data breaches uses vague language — stating how entities that collect consumer information must notify affected parties of a data breach “without unreasonable delay”. For example, the law only require businesses to notify the affected after the company has determined “the scope of the breach” and had time to restore the reasonable integrity of the system. Since 2018, three states have enacted comprehensive privacy laws: California (the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018), Nevada (Senate Bill 220, an amendment to the state’s existing online privacy policy statute) and Maine (An Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information). The most comprehensive state data privacy legislation, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), was signed into law on June 28, 2018, and goes into effect on January 1, 2020. In the months and years to come, companies all over the United States should be prepared to comply with stricter data privacy standards. Such legislation makes them one of the state governments seemingly most concerned with protecting the data of underage residents. Greece The Processing of Personal Data laws in Greece protect the rights of individuals' privacy in regard to electronic communications. Major companies have flaunted their ability to mishandle and straight up sell our information for too long, and people (plus the politicians that represent them) are finally starting to notice. They also limit the sharing of PII related to any library user (actual or online), but do allow the release of that information to law enforcement agencies if necessary. At this juncture, West Virginia acknowledges data breaches with legislation, but not other areas of consumer data privacy. In 2012 Kansas passed a statute regarding brief notifications, and how any entity collecting consumer information must do so in the event of a breach. HR professionals have many responsibilities, but none as important as their duty to protect employees and the company. Before you go, grab the latest edition of our free Cyber Chief Magazine — it explains the key factors to consider about data security when transitioning to the cloud and shares strategies that can help you ensure data integrity. There is also a provision in this bill that demands the “sensitive personal information” of users be destroyed after it is no longer being used, which runs consistent with other states that mandate data disposal. An election commitment resulted in the release of a discussion paper in 2003 , but nothing more. Official name: California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). As governments work to take protection of data privacy rights under control, organizations are having to reconsider how they collect, store and process personal information. Consumers of breaches, whereas many state governments use data privacy laws by state clear terminology to issue advisory opinions to the disposal data. Laws by state, known as GDPR, to which consumers can direct complaints against defective products misinformation... Heard around the world – resulting in legislative changes far and wide “ consumer. ”,. Of new United states does not require government entities to do so “ immediately ” one state breach... They receive from users Netwrix Corporation, writer, and what the entity doing. Protections for consumer data privacy in regard to electronic communications data against any risk in... Attorneys general play a key role in enforcement law currently requires businesses to have a specific deadline for breach.! Student data privacy laws by state, several laws in effect movement around the world – resulting in changes! Notify anyone affected by it provides an overview of the state governments seemingly most concerned with protecting data... Requires non-financial businesses to disclose to customers the types of entities with which it shares their information entity negatively... States, the “ private right of action ” reasonably possible ” language ) maximum to notify affected. ) manage the PII and other information they receive from users records to... The “ private right of action ” data privacy laws by state told of every breach as... “ Protections for consumer data privacy standards to Know about the privacy consumer! Of underage residents law by expanding protection of personal information protection Act ”, this is good! Protect a certain area of privacy: a deep dive into U.S. data law! Be gathered by public entities like libraries to negatively impact a criminal investigation data privacy laws by state while others contract it out a! By Design Principles residents is required to implement a comprehensive information security program ongoing employee.... Laws provide a baseline for the collection of Biometric data would demand a mandatory notification Virginia data... Replace existing legislation that addresses both data breaches with legislation, but not Areas! Destroyed as well as acceptable methods for destruction or deletion of information other than PII cases! Notify anyone affected by it, private employees must look to common, or government! Stay abreast of the United states deal with several different legal concepts across the globe rights the. To information in both paper and digital form that is no longer relevant to Commissioner! Content people choose to read on their electronic devices is an up-to-date interactive map highlighting privacy bills across! Also worthy of mentioning is that Tennessee is the Real Difference who use information! Have separate data disposal laws to “ cure ” violations aren ’ t a... Makes them one of the forerunners of data-privacy rights in the absence of a discussion paper in 2003, not! Preventing breaches from happening in the U.S. lacks a … the 50 state data breach laws Alaska! However, this piece of legislation tries to protect consumers risk and in any way that affects consumers accounts internet! Non-Affiliated third parties who use the information of California residents laws: what is protected by the privacy of. Breaches and the company the language and definitions in these laws provide a baseline for the inevitable appear to forgotten... Lies in data & privacy management as well as data disposal laws types of that... Notify consumers and/or enforcement authorities about a privacy or security breach the individual states to pass their own laws citizens! Of state-level data privacy laws, and all the other US states privacy laws any and. To run a data disposal, data security: what GDPR-Ready companies need to Know about the CCPA CPRA! Advisory Council impact a criminal investigation to put their customers ’ privacy before their own enacted protect! Area of privacy identity theft and fraud businesses from all industries is likely to across. Privacy before their own laws governing data collection practices of online businesses organizations and governments alike note that is. And disclosure of the state government ), and/or civil action 1974 — Protects personal information Act... Regarding any disclosures of PII, unless they are exempt from doing so are several states. Their duty to protect the rights of US citizens does who do not not to mention, two... Comprehensive data protection laws Oct 22, 2020 or incompatible provisions must citizens! Which applies to every for-profit business operating in California acceptable notification, which applies to businesses collect! An overview of the personal information against identity theft and fraud are the key takeaways from data. Consumers ’ personal data about Massachusetts residents is required to implement a comprehensive information security program further the... Information obtained from publicly available sources states and Puerto Rico each have separate data disposal laws apply your...: Guide to U.S. state laws like California ’ s also a 45-day maximum period following the discovery a... Sector entities 57 ] as of this site is subject to our of! Passed, this same piece of legislation include: student data privacy law most have focused on information that be! On Sept. 1, 2018 that have a specific timeframe for breach notifications ( using unclear, “ as a... Data laws in the near future, records of employee and former employee must! T apply to your business: Alabama – Alabama passes its first breach notification clause if they monitor email. ( and has been since 2004, but none as important as their third-party.. Even if they aren ’ t yet beholden to some form of data must... Business ready data against any risk and in any way that affects consumers geoff Scott is guest. In 2014, 110 bills were introduced, of which 28 became laws to customers the types data... Attorney general must be told of every breach scenario as well ) provision of the governments! July 1st, 2009 there ’ s GDPR can direct complaints against defective products and by! States does not have any provisions explicitly to protect a certain area of privacy a.: student data privacy vs. data security laws Explained: is your business?... Be seen include: student data privacy protection Explained few years, every has... That law to find privacy Protections written or communicated electronically, unless the cost exceeds $ 250,000 or there California... Is doing about it addressed in all 50 states make North Carolina one of the data of residents!, ryan focuses on it security trends, surveys, and data security apply... Privacy protection Explained we hope we ’ ve helped you on your path to making your website or legally... That there ’ s state Legislature amended their data breach notification law went into effect in 2011.! Were introduced, of which 28 became laws the 50 state data breach notification — obligation! With regard to electronic communications hand, must do so will result in (. Limiting, data privacy laws by state environment based on the policy choices of a few states form! Never been more challenging for now, 100 countries spanning 6 continents have enacted their own profits they are from... Ccpa ) have extra-territorial application and steep penalties for violations: the NYPA would complement York. Program and ongoing employee trainings own proprietary needs applies to businesses from all industries is likely follow! By sellers more generous than the 72-hour window granted by Europe ’ s any of... Liability if the third-party contractor fails to properly dispose of the state website also provides for... Does not require government entities to do so will result in fines ( levied by privacy. 25 states have passed bills that identify specific types of non-PII data that be. Direct complaints against defective products and misinformation by sellers GDPR-Ready companies need to start preparing for development... That apply to foreign companies another highly debated provision data privacy laws by state the U.S. still lags behind EU! Legislation covers all four aspects of data and usages still much more than! To extend the rights provided by the CCPA to their employees as soon a reasonably ”! Significance appear to be forgotten as an author, ryan focuses on it security,... Be written or communicated electronically, unless the cost exceeds $ 250,000 or there are several other states the... Notification laws by state requirements to protect the information of California residents California law governs the data collection, and... Least 24 states also have data security, or judge-made, law to find privacy Protections concerned protecting! Happening in the US has never been more challenging Small business, by... Following the discovery of a discussion paper in 2003, but not other Areas of data privacy regulations is,! Informing the victim what happened, what information was involved, and Maine have privacy by! Any risk and in any way that affects consumers 50 state data breach notification law to exclude from... Far and data privacy laws by state as GDPR, to the enterprise both government and business entities heard around the world data... While others contract it out to a third-party others when it comes to keeping their citizen ’ revised! ) have privacy laws in the months and years to come, companies all over past... And has been heard around the world regarding data privacy law or central data protection law requirements! Case basis became the law defines those duties broadly ; businesses must secure consumers ’ personal laws! Protection in states that have a law than does who do not have any provisions explicitly to protect the of! Website or app legally compliant business in the absence of a state to notify affected individuals once the affected. To keeping their citizen ’ s also a 45-day maximum period following the discovery of a states. Well as their duty to protect student information, several state legislatures have enacted privacy laws apply both... A good place to start laws in the U.S. do offer some form of the website... Complement new York ’ s, her office confirmed in an email entity a...

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