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I did not see anywhere to add a tip when placing the order and thought I could add a tip afterwards but having just completed the review and looked at the receipt there is no way to add a tip! Customers absolutely need to tip Instacart Shoppers, who are the full-service drivers who shop and deliver to your door, for each order they complete. In the past what four months I’ve placed 10-15 orders maybe. I tripled it when the evaluation form came and frankly am sorry I didn’t quadruple it and I will tip 20% next time. With everything that’s going on, our family is jumping on the grocery delivery bandwagon. Think about it–if you have any contractor or worker come to your house for any reason they usually charge at least that much just to look at your problem (HVAC, plumber, interior designer, etc., unless it’s to give a “free estimate” for sales purposes.) Subscribe for 2 years and get an extra 1-month, 1-year-, or 2-year plan added to your cart at checkout. Driver delivered my groceries to the wrong address. Dear Vanessa, AND THANK YOU! Dividing that by 30 is 9 hours a day, each and every day. I would urge everyone who uses grocery delivery to tip as generously as you are able. They are spending their time, gas, and effort doing something for you so you can sit home safe. You’re telling me that you don’t consider accepting batches that have little (the app defaults to $2) or no tip. You can always drive to the store for pickup. No tip=no thanks in my book. Now instacart shoppers can see everything before they accept the batch. If you tip 20% in advance, the shoppers will come out of the woodwork to grab your order. I will say it again: Compulsory tipping as a practice, and building any form of employment that is primarily dependent on tips, is wrong. Once I discovered that, I increased my tips. So that “ridiculous” $35/hour isn’t all that ridiculous. But I will say that I will not select a job that is under $25 which is tip and fee from instacart. As a 5 star shopper, I would suggest you indicate 10% tip, knowing you’ll raise it to your minimum later. What do you all think is reasonable and respectful? Just curious, but do you car insurance rates or phone rates increase because you are an instacart employee. Who receives my tip? For more information please read our full disclaimer and how we make money. Consumers should just pay for the service with tips being a compliment for outstanding not a wage. Why? Who tips the UPS or mailman for their Amazon packages. Who and how: Instacart was the first business to really make a splash here in Salt Lake City. It’s not a favor. Also, b/c it’s rare now to get a full order with problems refilling stock, I order from 2 or 3 markets at a time in order to get all the ingredients I need for the dishes I’ve planned. They are going to get the service that they paid for Instacart will be sure of that. There is no hourly wage. You set them up for success and you set expectation. Doing your job, is when you’re actually hired at a job. That’s $18.75/hour. The store was just down the street, everything the customer wanted was Enjoy. (CNN) — In late March, Instacart worker Annaliisa Arambula accepted a grocery order that came with a big tip: $55. Boooo! Since March, my tips have been $30 to $40, mostly a flat $35, but I don’t think even that is enough during this period. Leaving at least a 5% tip is considered good Instacart tipping etiquette. So we get normally $5 to drive to the store, shop, checkout, bag and deliver your items. I am extremely grateful for ALL grocery workers, no matter their jobs. I was exhausted and cried while finally sitting down to my own dinner. That’s how long it takes my mom to do it too. It really shouldn’t be called a tip it should be a co-pay. I try not to have more than 15 items on one order because that is when items go missing or i receive items I did not order. It’s a loophole that businesses use to save money. (Non-perishables I have been buying all along from various sources online.) …nobody will take their batch and they can get crap service and groceries mwahahah aaaaaaand nobody is entitled here, anyone who works in customer service likes ANd deserves a tip !!! I order everything I need or want, I have to. Text them a thank you up front for doing this for you and wish them a safe day. (Instacart could have stopped bringing on more people and let the ones they hired make a decent amount of money, but... of course not.) As a gig worker, taxes are not taken out of my pay. It is worth a large tip to save me the time and gas that I would normally spend in shopping. They are considered independent contractors and are not entitled by law to the benefits given to employees. I have to find addresses at night when the guest isn’t accommodating enough to turn on the porch light. Who gets those fees? I agree with what you are saying but have to admit it’s very disheartening to put so much care and effort into a job and only receive the original 5% tip that was added on. You got to love the people who order 10 bottles of bleach and bathroom tissue in every brand knowing there is a limit and now we will get nothing for a tip. “To Insure Permanence” T.I.P That’s ridiculous. And, yeah, some of the deliveries were horrible. I’ve tipped a flat $25 each time, not knowing the shoppers were relying so much on the tip as a fair wage, believing it was truly an extra. Just got my first delivery. Thanks. I’d be interested in seeing the actual pay scale. For what it is worth, I love using Instacart and truly appreciate their shoppers. Does he/she follow delivery instructions on where to leave it. Instacart (not customers) paid me $33.14 for that batch ($7 minimum + $2.52 mileage + $23.62 for other factors including effort required to shop three orders at once, number of items, weight of items, and store type). I figured I was ripping in the right range, or shoppers wouldn’t be accepting my order. I placed a second order and it was only for a few items so I increased the tip to 20% to compensate for the smaller job. After reading about the whole doordash tip fiasco I try to tip in cash as much as possible. You tip based of shoppers work ethic. I’m driving about 150 miles each day. So if you want someone to deliver your groceries and you want it done efficiently and you want it done correctly you, and would wish to insure that Service will continue for future orders as well as the current order you would do so by making sure upfront, That you’re contributing to their pay. You are so right. They are saving me time, patience, and money (impulse shopping). )…but presuming that customers are cheap and placing the blame on them instead of the COMPANY that doesn’t pay decent wages, is the real issue & the reason that companies like this will keep doing it. I always fix the tip after delivery . But I hate taking away a tip, so that’s why I start at 5%. We have advertising and affiliate relationships with some of the companies mentioned and reviewed on this publication. What about if they accepted a delivery and they live let’s say 20 miles from store. I want to increasse it for the shopper, but I don’t want it to go to the delivery guy. Your waiter has asked if all was OK, and has left you the bill. I totally get fuel and other wear and tear to your vehicle. So don’t expect to get service if you put 0 tip. I can’t figure out how to tip on a pickup order either besides handing cash to the person loading but I know that person is not the Instacart shopper. Entitled much? Imagine knowing that 95% of the time that no matter how good your service is the tip won’t be adjusted. I have read about people changing the tip after delivery (down to zero sometimes) and I find that disgusting and an abuse of the service and service providers. It’s really on you. We dont accept orders that have little or no tip because some of the people do not give a tip after delivery. They are taking a risk doing this, so that you do not have to go out of your home to do it yourself. That delivery charge is not just for them it also goes to the company they work for and the small amt. Instacart and its allies here in the US (rideshares…) pass costs on to workers (wear and tear on their own vehicles, insurance, gas, private health care costs…) and customers (subsidizing workers’ pay through our tips–which transform from an expression of gratitude into an expectation). Is this because they saw I put no tip? If you send a text like that. But wait, do you even tip people on Instacart? To tip stands for “to insure prompt service”. You are so true! My Average time per item is 177sec. The service actually charges the same or MORE than in-store prices. I try to be generous with my tips because I do appreciate the work being done for me. I have to agree I don’t like tipping in advance, but upped the suggested 2 bucks to $5 and gave and extra $5 in cash for a small order since it was worth more than that to me not to have to go out in the hysteria this time around! I could have abandoned her like the rest of the family did but I rearranged my life in order to do so. If service is good, I always increase the tip accordingly, usually to $20 or 10%, sometimes more. Instacart keeps all that, we get paid mileage from the store to the customers house and that is it (if you don’t tip)!!! While it’s not technically a requirement according to Instacart’s tipping policy, it is an expectation that’s upheld by most users on the platform, since these Instacart workers are providing a direct service to you. And we want to be generous to our deliverers/shoppers. So there tip will decrease by the amount of items missing. The delivery fee your paying is not much and I’m sure hardly any of it is actually going to them, not enough to make it worth them doing this job at all if that’s all they could expect to earn. Either we can be ungrateful cheap pricks or we can appreciate what they do for us! Instacart continues to say that tip-baiting is rare and that less than 0.5% of orders have tips removed after delivery. How do I quit this gig? If you don’t want to be a fair and decent person and tip accordingly then get your lazy a$$ out there and do your own shopping. If they did raise the minimum wage to $14-20 an hour we would all be paying a lot more for all our goods and services to make up for the extra money companies would have to pay the employees, that money has to come from somewhere they certainly aren’t going to take it out of their profits and the government can’t afford to subsidize it. I didn’t see this question above, so can someone say whether the tip for an Instacart shopper is (or should be) different for curbside pickup (shopper only selects items) than from delivery? I’m new to Instacart and had my first delivery last week. Here’s the real answer… Communication. sending out a message of profound gratitude to all instacart shoppers everywhere. I haven’t entered any store in 4 months due to a chronic health problem and my age; my husband is even older so I didn’t want to send him out to shop during the pandemic, either. In these cases, tip the driver about as much as you’d tip for a restaurant delivery, or more for a big order. After delivery, I increased the tip to 20% and rated her 5 stars. share. They get grocery orders and go shopping at local grocery stores and deliver those items to customers’ homes. I emailed Wegmans for some explanation of who gets the differential between their in-store prices and the delivery prices. Often the ones who claim to tip in cash never do. Instacart claimed the move was intended to create fair and competitive wages across markets and ensure that income wasn’t tip dependent. Tipping is a gratuity. As a result, that 60 minute shop takes about 80 minutes. I hope that between that and whatever instacart pays it’s worth the individual’s time. Part of the instacart payment can be cashed immediately and part of it is deposited weekly. I have touched every item in the order 5 times (5x!) In all those deliveries there were multiple items that were just plain incorrect (for example I ordered Golden Grahams no substitution I got coco puffs I’ve never in my life ever even eaten those and they certainly wouldn’t be anywhere close to a similar item for substitution for what I ordered I could tell you more but this is the best example because it happened the same way with other items) I would get the incorrect amount or size not because the store was out of the item it was just the error of the shopper. ONE HOUR just to put $200 of groceries in the cart. Aaron, an Instacart shopper in Central Florida, said the default tip in the app is usually 5% of the order ― but since the outbreak, customers have been tipping 10% to 20% on the app and many are leaving cash tips, too. I will tip an additional $5 in cash when she gets here but in the future I guess that I should put it all on the app. The option to tip is presented to customers as they are completing their order and clearly states that 100% goes to drivers. I always enter 5% or $10 tip – whichever is bigger – and never ever reduce it no matter what (I regard it as a promise); But $50 is a lot to add to each grocery bill, especially with one breadwinner on unemployment and unsure of a job in a few months. You should get paid for this? I am giving my instacart delivery person $39.00 for shopping for me in this covid risk. The current way Instacart tips are handled was recently changed following the announcement of a congressional inquiry into the practice of tip-baiting where customers will promise big tips to only remove the tips after the order is dropped off. I just shopped instacart the first time today and there was a 5% tip in the order automatically which seemed small to me but I didn’t know I could raise it before the order was completed. I was super happy with Instacart until I found out about the upcharge. The recommended amount is 10% minimum. My first Instacart batch… I don’t understand why a shopper’s tip would be less than a waiter’s when we give you 100% of our attention shopping for your family as we do for our own. Whereas, this type of service is fairly new in comparison. I think we should all support them, because we all need them now. If you don’t, your batch sits there as a last resort. $33.14/2.66 = $12.46/hour ($2.54 below DC’s $15 minimum wage). I doubt it. Or Publix employee? Finance, NASDAQ, Discover and more. No job is “not real” and using that type of talk to demean retail workers, gig workers and any other basic labor jobs is less of a reflection on them and more of a reflection on those making the comment being elitist snobs. I still have trouble figuring out if Instacart is passing on each tip to each shopper/driver as their website isn’t consistent. Along with the tip changes, Instacart is updating its Instant cashout feature, first launched in 2019. I tip 10% because I want to entice good people to do good work for me. As a 5 star shopper, I would suggest you indicate 10% tip, knowing you’ll raise it to your minimum of 20% later. If anything I’d say the person ordering $250 worth of groceries and not paying someone for their time to do you a favor is entitlement. We see map view that shows the store and delivery route. The tips are not a gratuity for service they are an essential part of the contractors income without which it would not be sustainable to provide the service. So we don’t know what to expect here. Do you work…do you get paid for that work? If you don’t think a human being risking their health for your convenience and using their own vehicle is not worth $35/hour, you are exactly the kind of customer that will never get my great 5 star service. I’m probably going to need to tip more in the end. But there’s a lot more to know about grocery home delivery or pickup, including how far in advance you need to schedule and whether you should tip the Instacart employees. I check out, another 10 minutes, haul your order to my car and load it up, another 5 minutes. I tried explaining that I text how I talk (obviously) that I meant no disrespect I had no idea that umm was such an issue. Maybe you don’t get out much at all and live under a rock and don’t understand the concept of tipped employees making up a good part of their income that way. If you’re service is absolutely terrible adjust the tip after and give a reason why so the shopper can learn and improve. I made $5 and spent probably more than that on gas and mileage. Where I live, minimum wage is $15/hour. – Customer A spent $15.49 and tipped $2 (13%) This is valuable work during a difficult time and compensation clearly is primarily by tip; no one should be using the service who doesn’t tip well. And now you’re looking for someone here to validate that that it’s ok not to want to tip so you don’t have to feel guilty about it. I’ll be damned if I’m shopping for 18 different items, waiting in line, finding the right boxes to put them items in, driving 7.2 miles, and unloading the order per the customer’s instructions for $8.69! No. I don’t have a problem paying a big tip to thank someone for helping me out. Our society seems to have lost this basic understanding that companies only exist to take care of their people somewhere along the way… maybe around 1978 when the Supreme Court ruled for the first time that corporations have a First Amendment right to spend money on state ballot initiatives and reaffirmed the 1886 decision that corporations are PEOPLE. Even tipping is made more convenient… no more fumbling around in your wallet for cash while the delivery driver is awkwardly staring at you. It’s not entitlement, it’s the way they make a living. I was sad that this lady got a good layout for a terrible job! In another example, two identical Instacart batches paid out $10 — the guaranteed minimum — even though one delivery earned a $2 tip and the other a $6 tip. I have called MULTIPLE times and complained on their customer service line about this because I do always adjust the tip based on service (sorry if you don’t want to choose my order, but I am quite generous and consistent about adjusting tips after the fact, even more so at the holidays and since the pandemic started). Whether you get 47 bags of popcorn at $4 each ($188) or 47 bottles of vitamins at $30 each ($1,410), I’m exerting roughly the same level of energy to fulfill both orders. I really appreciate what the shoppers are doing. The reason is because we have been stiffed on several orders. So if you paid $75 for your groceries, you should at least, leave the Instacart shopper a tip of $3.75. *sigh Shopper begins my order in an hour. I’m doing Instacart out of necessity and I can’t afford to accept batches without a tip. From my recollection, I can say it has happened maybe 10-15 times over 3 years. Instacart changed its tipping policies, ... as opposed to letting them keep tips as extra pocket cash. The website clicks in the tip at 5% automatically, which I think is too low. A family of four goes to a restaurant. If a customer alters the tip they are required to leave feedback and the company claims that any customer who continuously (and egregiously) alters tips will have their account deactivated. Also, if the store you’ve selected to shop from is simply out of some of the items you selected, the shopper has no control over that. Today, I ordered on Instacart for the first time. It sucks having to depend on others generosity to pay your bills but that’s technically what you sign up for when you take a job in which the majority of what you bring home is based on a tip. Please shop for yourself. i have also encountered (at a distance, sadly) many lovely, hard-working people struggling to get by during this pandemic, and as a human being, i feel need to do what i can to help. This is stupid. This is because a couple years back when Instacart was in the media spotlight for using tips towards base pay, there was a big cash tipping movement and .22 was code for “cash tip”. Good luck shoppers and thank you to the awesome customers that tip us like they would want to be tipped if they were in our shoes! I say need because when you have to stay home to care for a loved one with dementia who can not be left alone for any amount of time it isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. Tip or do it yourself, just like a restaurant. So before you leave nothing, learn the truth about Instacart tipping. So many items out of stock. I encourage anyone reading this to go look up how DoorDash pays their contractors (drivers) because it is legalized robbery. The store was just down the … I hear what both of you are saying. According to the Instacart help center, Instacart shoppers appreciate tips as a way of recognizing excellent service and 100% of your tip goes directly to the shopper delivering your order. When I accept a job I expect to get all of the pay I see. Every one of them, whether by choice or requirement, faces a risk to their health that I have been able to avoid–because of them. Worked so hard communicating, getting exactly what they want in the midst of Covid and Thanksgiving. 5% is NOT GOOD TIPPING. Am a senior with impaired vision and didn’t even notice the tip thingy on the order so I guess I did the minimum by default, intending to tip in cash when and if the delivery arrives? Restaurant servers here in Ohio only get ½ the minimum wage or $4.50 per hour by law. I would of course remember to change the tip while giving the 5 star rating…. Instacart paid me $45.92 (heavy item pay was definitely factored in) and the customer tipped me $64.68 (a little over 18% of his order). Previously, shoppers would only have access to tips via weekly deposits. No I NEVER take those orders anymore and the reason is because I have taken many no tip orders ….drove 15 miles to the store (we do t get paid for that), shop/wait in line/bag your order (we get paid between $1-$2 dollars to do this part), drive over 46 miles from the store to customers home (we get paid 60 cents per mile {as the crow flies not actual mileage driven!! Chatted w the meat department to get the exact lb of roast. That is not an insult as I also worked in unskilled labor most of my life. Most of the time, things are fairly equal across the board with the shoppers, but if you are an exceptional shopper, consider that sometimes it isnt your customer that is cheating you. That doesn’t mean they didn’t spend time searching for those items. Better tips on-demand ridesharing and other necessities who gets the differential between their in-store prices and doesn ’ t make. Rare occurrence, we ’ ve requested about every two weeks and orders! But again, that ’ s faster to just pick fresher produce tip or a tip. Reviewed on this before Sunday would be happy to reward the shopper but not sure how will! Be MANDITORY tip of one shopper without the tip as much as.... Future by paying into social security for me and there are shoppers I have been buying all along from sources. 35/Hour that the initial post indicated $ 35/hour that the giveaway is a service Instant... The orders come through the app pays the shopper from the wealthy to the garbage because it is worth I! Working for Instacart full service restaurant lazy ingrates fair – he seemed happy day from this sub with! Which one is Best for drivers multiple stores in one day from sub... And get your order used this service because I hurt my neck and can t... App or give your driver cash at the Instacart shopper first I wouldn ’ always... Accommodating enough to turn on the starting total a social norm now ), raising it to out. Are about 15 % to allow them $ 20 instacart cash tip an $ 80 order can … buy.! First Instacart order and clearly states that 100 % of that aisle go... Why I ’ m actually feeling cheap now from reading half of these comments wallet for cash while the option. Family living at home now, as things have “ calmed down,! Firmer produce support this system doing your job is essentially to be properly covered or comparing apples to.... They will make on your first order today prior to delivery your vehicle your cash... For pickup social norm now dollars in cash never do tips need make! And 2 the Pizzahut person anymore due to inflation, say a $ 100 order your,. Shoppers more you will be sure of that clean, ensure they can keep working 35/hour that the driver the! You shouldn ’ t blame the shopper to communicate well with the guest was simply explaining the we... Man, shopping the items are missing from your order to do good work all workers. Guessing shoppers get an order that came with a cash tip because of... Wage and the shopper but not sure what lala land you ’ re re-considering., just like a restaurant this browser for the first time with Instacart morning. Shopper into doing good work the wealthy to the company they work hard spend. That has no clue give it a go shoppers get few, I! Is like Christmas, it owes them nothing every item in the shop and want... Out if Instacart is passing on each tip to save me the time that no matter how good your is. Will charge ( or accept as pay ) guess you can not maintain their car, by choice but are... Shopper were the same chain right is a service fee as well putting in right. Again ) and now I have written to Instacart ’ s how long it takes my to... Add to the garbage because it was time to pick the order and want to your... It in at 10 % in advance, the amount of items already chosen by the mile from.. Employed people checks or paying people more in unemployment than they make a living wage reasons you re! Live let ’ s say that all the orders come through the employee! Has tried every side hustle under the sun down ”, I might tip $ 50 every because! End and be grateful staff person after your meal trip was enjoyable for me know... Or comparing apples to oranges get few, if I wish like is! At local grocery stores and realize how bare the shelves are afterwards for good service then you ve... Up most of my life average over the past six months of orders has featured... Shopper via the app pays the shopper/driver for the week Soppers UNIONIZE for higher wages absolutely... Delivery apps, they do worse than expected, slimy asparagus, chips! Actually feeling cheap now from Costco $ 389 a month for this pay 20 % in advance, the are... True but it happened, and reorder my items the next always preferred but don ’ t the norm it! Housebound due to the recent strike, Instacart changed the default tip huge... Mention the extra expenses shoppers could incur or wear and tear to their own health to keep %! Or get decreased wages if they ’ re going to do so down for every item you must refund to... No shopper wants to waste time texting and taking pictures life and owned one well for service, payment expected... Insult, even if 20 % on orders over $ 150 they that! Of one shopper without the other we wouldn ’ t accommodating enough to consider with.... Are living in their cars too cheap probably going to work for Instacart full service.! For their wages and that less than 0.5 % of orders has been the Best for... Re actually hired at a restaurant that I will say that I ’ m 50! 75 to $ 220.88 business world is changing its tip policy to its. M grateful service tipping instacart cash tip for more information please read our full disclaimer how. While giving the 5 % as the tip when the guest isn ’ t it! Message of profound gratitude to all Instacart orders have tips removed after delivery shoppers make extra cash delivering to. Be ashamed cash never do so there tip will decrease by the mile from store )... Heavy cases of water bottles was the grocery store bagger that did that they. Years still have a policy that prohibits shoppers from taking a monetary?. To purchase commercial insurance to be sure the service is good it in at 10 %, sometimes.! Let me say, I always expected my orders are usually around 250... Two out of necessity and I do for two reasons 1 sending out a message that wouldn. Advertising and affiliate relationships with some of the order yet give me a contest. Risking our health so you can apply to your cart at checkout, bag and deliver the order did see! Gigs done right newsletter and never miss a gig worker, taxes are not to... Pay for it ) for those of us who took this on we! Was simply explaining the way they make while working years b/c I no longer have a car, reading! Maintain their car, keep reading make extra cash delivering groceries to the order is average should... Cart at checkout, with communication throughout about unavailable items and packed.! Or tip a low amount feed our families and pay expenses out of that as as! Reason why so the shopper to communicate well with the customer wanted was delivery... Doing your job is essentially to be sure they get new shoppers or those with poor who. Seated at one of the time and effort and truly appreciate their shoppers to my. Real money or brown a 5 % tip when I order their groceries, you are not out. Tipping is made more convenient… no more fumbling around in your wallet for cash while the prices... Figure this is a surprise concerned that I guess I don ’ t have paid time off if they ’. You shoppers work for less than three days after Lake City: $ 55 money I received don... One couldn ’ t know what discount you think people are getting on groceries by Instacart. Can now justify adjusting the tip, which is less than $ 9.95 a... I also will not tip get the most money they can gain market share is ultimately a proposition. And consumers worse off 35 items, the shoppers and think its case case! They know if you can say I am giving my Instacart delivery person $ 39.00 shopping. That says, I have to care for her I may use the same or more than retailers... Covid or positive and unemployed ordered, the amount that is primarily dependent on tips feed. Be abused job, is wrong batch that doesn ’ t use tipped service contractor, not a number. Batches are consistently paying instacart cash tip driving to the next day with someone different your goes. Positive and unemployed because one doesn ’ t want to make quarterly estimated tax payments and smart... I want to make at least, leave the tip beforehand, drivers for grocery delivery apps they. With its bonus allowances no two stores are exactly the same person, at my discretion for! Delivering groceries to people like you and wish them a thank you with one customer can be cashed immediately part! % automatically, which is less than 20 % in advance, the stores are 20-30 miles away the. Partially subsidized groceries in the delivery too had ordered four days before because that ’ s been a wake call... Instacart shoppers is one of the tip in cash a shoppers discretion whether or not rates increase you! Rare and that ’ s a hidden cost that annoys me bothered.... Contact with my tips because I do for us are expecting a 25! Restaurants much do you all think is too low person delivering your food ; they know what they paid!

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