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A haven for explorers and adventure seekers, this tropical island country has much to offer, harboring an interesting palette of wildlife and exotic fauna and a wide variety of water activities and extreme adventure sports. We extend our services in giving you’re the best tour packages of several cities in India at an affordable rate. Stop wherever and whenever to take in the beauty of stunning waterfalls and gorges. Switzerland Tourism, Australia Tour Packages, South Africa Tour Packages, Indonesia Tour Packages, New Zealand Tour Packages, Egypt Tour Packages, Bali Tour Packages, London Tour Packages, Turkey Packages, Thailand Packages, Maldives Packages, Las Vegas Packages, Seychelles Packages, Switzerland Tour Packages, France Tour Packages, Dubai Packages, Sri lanka Tour Packages, Family Special Mauritius - 5 Star Group Package Packages, Short Break in Mauritius - 3N Group Package Packages. Indonesia was the most populous country in Southeast Asia at the beginning of the 21st century and the fourth most populous in the world. Some mysterious destinations of this classic nation will take you back in time to provide them the glimpse of the world’s oldest and admired treasures known to mankind. You can choose to have a leisurely holiday and get some exotic hotel Explore the destination straight out of fairy tales. The museum displays the different stages of sugar production, from cultivation to the refined products sold in the market. Starting from: 9% Off Exact prices may vary based on availability. Rajasthan government is asking for border pass so must register online before travelling. This also reflects heavily in the cuisine, which you must definitely try during your Mauritius trip. It is sure to appeal to Indians as it is similar to the Indian flat-bread - the paratha! Also the place offers endless opportunities for adventure activities. Every corner of this charming beach oozes with serenity that will refresh your senses and envelope you in its tranquility. Explore it with our, It is one of Europe's biggest nations as it is circumscribed by six nation’s different countries: Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg toward the upper east, Switzerland and Italy toward the southeast and Spain toward the southwest. 5 Days & 4 Nights Customizable. Culture and heritage that runs back as far as the beginning of humanity, tourist places to visit in China are an overwhelming adventure. Drive along the picturesque coast of Southern Mauritius and enjoy breath-taking panoramic views of the waves crashing upon the rocky shores. But beyond the glitter awaits a diverse mosaic of six more emirates, which has its own character and allure. We have system of sales offices so we do multiples packages from Mumbai, packages from Ahmedabad, bundles from Jaipur, packages from Bangalore and numerous different urban cities to encourage our varied client need. Spend a day on the ocean in a catamaran. Famous for its stunning beauty, the Poste Lafayette Beach graces the east cost of Mauritius Island in Roches Noires Village. 33%, 3 Nights 4 Days Dolphin watching is a must-have experience on your trip to Mauritius. Witness the serenity of the state with our Kerala Tour Packages. It also has amazing marine life and coral reefs which makes it perfect for snorkelling. For nature lovers and solitude seekers, this beach is the perfect place to be. This will give you enough time to relax and also cover the important things to do without being rushed. It is termed as the "Land of the Gods" due to the stunning panoramic views of mountains covered with snow promising a holiday like never before. Its capital, Canberra, is inland. Explore the Valley des Couleurs, a beautiful National Park where you can witness amazing wildlife, walk through stunning trails and indulge in adventurous activities. Scour the various duty-free shops at Curepipe, pick up handicrafts and souvenirs from the Bay Bazaar and test your negotiating skills, and splurge at the Centre Commercial Phoenix for a mind-blowing shopping experience. 33%, Save ₹25,542 Throughout the trip, Eugene has remained responsible for the safety and attendance of all the members of the tour group, always waiting for everyone to move off before moving … 4 We additionally provide services of vegetarian NRI tours which are very unique and popular globally. Mazavaroo is a dish of chopped chilli paste, which is used as a side with almost every dish. Famed for its folk music and dance forms, and authentic cuisines, here is a gala time awaiting for everyone.Gujarat tourism is loaded with plenty of exoticness. Enjoy the scenic vistas all around. Also find Popular Mauritius Theme Packages like Mauritius Travel Guide, Mauritius Honeymoon Packages and Mauritius Adventure Packages. If you are planning a Mauritius trip, MakeMyTrip is the right place to come to. Odisha Tourism is the best travel option which helps to visit famous tourist Attraction of Odisha along with exciting special holiday package tour of India at desirable price. Whether you are visiting Mauritius with family and friends or as a couple, this attraction is a must-visit. Bali is so picturesque that you could be fooled into thinking it was an artistic masterpiece. Winters work best for the East coast. Dolphins are one of the loveliest and friendliest sea-creatures and witnessing them in their natural habitat will leave you in awe. We have reviews of the best places to see in Mauritius. You will get numerous hotels and resorts to stay at offering services to all kinds of travelers, 1. Thank You Flamingo, Gopikaji for this great deal which gave us memorable experience of this beautiful properties of Udaipur. It is an archipelago that lies across Equator and covers a distance of one-eighth of the circumference of the earth. A: 6 or 7 days is the ideal duration for Mauritius holiday packages. This Mauritius travel package also gives you an opp, Amid the pristine white sands, lagoons and beaches, go on a Dolphin Watch. This amazing Mauritius beach is perfect for nature lovers and solace-seekers who just want to bask in the sun and relax while admiring the picturesque views all around. => Affordability ~ The Sundarban tour package from Kolkata will cover all your requirements seamlessly and will provide you with best of the Sunderban tour package rate. Australia is a nation in the Southern Hemisphere involving the territory of the Australian landmass and additionally the island of Tasmania and various littler islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Indulge in delicious food and drinks and make the best of your Mauritius holidays through this amazing sunset cruise on Le Bounty. With Mauritius holiday packages available from all major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi getting to Mauritius with Thomas … Here are our top suggestions on some of the things to do in Mauritius. The picture-perfect scenery of the deep blue sea and sandy shores surrounded by a lush arc of casuarina trees allures tourists to visit this beach. Q) Which is better for honeymoon – Maldives or Mauritius? We guarantee to accomplish your dream of discovering all the destinations on your check list. Located amidst the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a tiny but picturesque island country, known for its mesmerizing views. And it is also a place of unparalleled beauty where safari possibilities can see as endless as the water themselves. Make your Mauritius holiday an unforgettable one with this one-of-a-kind experience. One of the most visited tourist destination in India is Goa, which has plenty to offer to all travelers visiting from across the world. Gujarat tourism also attracts tourists for its fascinating wildlife as it is home to Asiatic lions at Gir National park. It is a perfect destination for a short break as well. Sprawling over an area of 250 hectares, this scenic park is divided into four kingdoms namely, Safari Kingdom, Nature Kingdom, Mountain Kingdom, and Discovery Kingdom. A visit to the casino will make your Mauritius trip even more fun and exciting. A great tour with available flight ticket and the best tour packages. A: Mauritius is a tropical island destination with two primary seasons, summer and winter. Macchabee Trail, Le Pouce, Lion Mountain, and Le Morne Brabant are some of the hiking trails that are a favourite among tourists. The Champ de Mars racecourse in the city is a definite must-visit and a key location for Mauritius sightseeing. Click to know more. We won't simply design your holiday and but in addition will be a family of solid bonds with tons of memories to love. Check out our luxury Mauritius packages offering the best of hotels and inclusions designed to pamper you on your Mauritius vacation. The garden is also home to 85 exotic varieties of palm trees. An epitome of pristine beauty, the Blue Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in eastern Mauritius. Be it a wedding, a trip to snorkel and scuba or a family vacation, a Mauritius tour offers something for everyone. Boasting from the longest coastline in India, its shores are washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea on the west. For shopping, the Floreal Shopping Factories sells beautiful handicrafts and the ADAMAS Diamond Showroom has every kind of jewellery for everyone. The island is mostly flat with low hills. Copyright © 2021 Flamingo Transworld Pvt. The well-known destination is also famous for water sports like Jet skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, water boating and more. Enjoy this truly unique and awe-inspiring sight along with the scenic beauty of the lush vegetation that surrounds it. But the country has moved forward and tourism has been a major contribution to its progress. But most visitors gravitate toward resort areas such … Sprawling over acres of land, the garden is home to more than 650 varieties of plants including Baobabs, the Palmeir Bouteillie, the Giant Water Lilies, medicinal plants and a spice garden. It is a place where bamboo and concrete jungles unite as it extends 50 storey high buildings so in that case bamboo is the safest, versatile and the most efficient option. Spend some time at Polo forest (Near Ahmedabad) and many more. Located in the northern part of Mauritius, Mont Choisy beach is a crescent shaped beach surrounded by lush Casuarina trees. The Coloured Earth is an out-of-the-world attraction in Mauritius and is popular among tourists for its beauty. The beach is small but is popular for its quaint beauty. Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity are common religions here. But when I heard about the attractive deals in reputed Oberoi Udaivillas I made my Mind to experience and enjoy by Road trip. Tour Packages - Best offers on trip packages at HelloTravel. Indulge in a magical holiday in Mauritius, inclusive of exciting activities and stay at a beautiful hotel. It was worth a decision and I had a excellent time and enjoy the best hospitality and every safety measures this hotel property take care for there guest. Explore it with our, Singapore is one of the most orderly cities in the world. Trademarked by white sandy beaches along the bluest of seas, the island country of Mauritius is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world and a popular tourist haven. Spread more than 3,700 km square with the number of inhabitants in around 1.4 million, Goa is small state as per Indian measures. The dance is a lovely mixing of color, dance, music, show, and articulations. The Chamarel Waterfalls are located just a little away from the beautiful Coloured Earth. It is a country of spectacular diversity which has huge amount of charm attached to places to see in China for centuries. From grasslands, to immaculate coastlines and snow-topped moutains, Canada is a treat to the eyes. Tour Packages are one of the best ways to travel hassle-free. MakeMyTrip currently offers over 27 tour packages to Mauritius, with prices starting as low as Rs.21077.0. Bali Holiday Packages starting from R13,570. Take off to this exceptional destination with Flamingo assuring a holiday to cherish for lifetime. Visit the beaches, shop for souvenirs or spend the day exploring and enjoying the spirit of Mauritius. There are historical statues at the city’s main square called La Place d’Armes. For photography lovers, it offers amazing photo opportunities. Catamaran cruise is one of the best things to experience on your Mauritius trip, especially for couples. It is an ultimate goal for mountain lovers. Himachal reminds us of movie scenes and cozy vibes. And amazing food especially candle light dinner with folk music and dance under the open sky with lake view. Therefore, this beach is an ideal destination to add to your Mauritius honeymoon package. Situated to the south of the Mauritius Island, the St. Felix Beach is a small but exquisite beach in Mauritius Island. The capital, Jakarta, is situated close to Java's northwest coast. The white sand beaches give way to a volcanic mountain backdrop. Due to its rare beauty, the second part is more popular among tourists. Want to relax on beaches, swim in the ocean, try watersports and visit tropical forests in one vacation? In the same way our Honeymoon Tour Packages leaving from different cities are popular particularly for the main USP of vegetarian food on tour. The museum also displays the old machinery that was used in the production of sugar and the locomotives that were used to transport sugar from one place to another. The North and the West coast is the best in summer, which is almost the best time to visit Mauritius, as this part of the coast is sheltered nicely. Canada is the second largest country in the world – it is not surprising then that it offers a wide variety of landscapes, cultures and activities to absorb. Consider taking a tour to Port Louis on North Island and get a glimpse into the local culture. The staff was very attentive, professional and friendly. The beach is divided into two parts. We're just 5 kilometers from Bras D'Eau National Park, where you and your family can admire wildlife in their natural habitat which includes mango and litchi orchards. The Gris Gris beach is a spectacular beach in the south of Mauritius. Flamingo Travels trusts in "You Travel We Care". There are also restaurants available here which serve delicious local cuisine. For our young and foodie clients we likewise cater … Our kid’s special tours significantly comprise of Hong Kong Macau and Chimelong tours and Singapore Malaysia Thailand tours. Italy is considered as the birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance and is home to more UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites than any other country in the world. China the name alone makes you want to get packing. Take a winery tour while you are in Mauritius and get to learn the process of wine making. Explore Czech Republic with Flamingo and experience all of it where history comes to life. Holiday Packages - Book your Tour Packages, Honeymoon Packages with And when you will head towards east you will find Hajar Mountains to experience a side of the UAE. Goa tourism's loaded with plenty of exoticness. View Packages . But it is also surrounded by exciting other places to visit and things to do for travelers to experience an unforgettable holiday. Located in the picturesque village of Tamarin, Tamarin beach is one of the most popular beaches of Mauritius. Australia is partitioned into six states and two regions, with Canberra as its capital. A speed boat will take you to the island where you can feast your eyes on emerald-green lagoons and walk on the white sands. One can also spot dolphins and witness them diving and dancing in the sparkling blue water. In short, it is the perfect place to answer Africa’s call of the wild. Summer months last from January to April, while winter lasts from May to December. See all Cruises Looking for a cruise holiday; To or From South Africa; Australia and New Zealand; Alaska; Caribbean and … -, ₹ It is very difficult for a Greece holiday to go wrong. Most voyaged honeymoon tour packages from Ahmedabad is Bali alongside Singapore Bali with cruise. Explore this exceptionally beautiful destination with our. Another natural attraction called Trou aux Cerfs, an inactive volcano crater, is very popular among tourists. Regardless of whether it is tied in with booking flights, booking convenience, visa Flamingo Transworld offers everything under one rooftop. Srilanka is the island of serendipity and it is all about full of romantic landscapes, stirring mountains, endless beeches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, fun trains, famous tea and flavorful food which makes it incredible in its own ways. You will surely enjoy a relaxing holiday and create lasting memories. Go for Periyar Jungle Safari and many more. The Grand Bassin is a sacred lake located in Port Louis. It is known for its dramatic extremes and classic contrasts, and drawing near to these cultures could just be highlight of your visit. Other water activities that you can enjoy here are water-skiing, banana boat rides, glass bottom rides and even golfing. Things to Do in Mauritius, Africa: See Tripadvisor's 473,860 traveller reviews and photos of Mauritius tourist attractions. Visit the colourful temples and admire the scenic landscape offered by the lake and its surroundings. Enjoy a memorable evening on Le Bounty, a pirate style boat, which is one of the best cruises in Mauritius to spend a wonderful evening with your loved ones. The destination assures a perfect break from the hustling life and promises ample of relaxation and entertainment at the same point of time. Tourists can relax and laze under the warmth of the sun while enjoying the tranquil surroundings. It is also well known for elephant safari as elephants are important part of Sri Lankan culture. Situated in southern India, Kerala is packed with significant vacation spots set against staggering backgrounds. Your Goa tour will be incomplete if you miss out on experiencing outstanding nightlife here. Ltd. - Head Office, 201/202, Gala Business Centre, St. Xaviers College Corner, Near Classic Gold Hotel, Off C. G. Road, Ahmedabad 380 009, Gujarat, India. You will also be provided a guide who will escort you throughout the winery. You can engage in a wildlife safari which will give you an opportunity to witness animals in their natural habitat. To help you prepare for your Mauritius travel, we have put together some tips such as the best time to visit Mauritius, things to do in Mauritius and so on. If you love fishing, then this Mauritius beach will also cater to your dreams of fishing. Here are our recommendations on the main places to visit in Mauritius. Visitors can witness devotees lighting incense sticks and offering prayers to the deities. Shop at the Port Louis market which sells a wide range of items at reasonable prices and try local delicacies at the various multi-cuisine restaurants that are available here. Include one of these water sports in your Mauritius tour package to add a bit of thrill and excitement on your vacation. There are direct flights to Port Louis from Delhi on Air India and Air Mauritius, as well as connecting flights on airlines like Emirates, which works favorably for Mauritius holiday packages from India. | Monday to Saturday | TIme : 10:30 AM to 07:00 PM, Australia-New Zealand Senior Citizen Tours, Float in the world’s largest rooftop Infinity Pool, Experience ancient art in Mangao Grottoes, History & Culture In United Arab Emirates, History & Culture In United States of America, Best Time To Visit United States of America, Places To Visit In United States of America, The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort And Casino, Tree of Life Kipling Jungle Lodge Ranthambhore, Experience North Goa with 4* Hotel Option, Natural Beauty with Historical Place of Gujarat, Thank You Flamingo & Gopikaji For This Great Deal, Experience and enjoy by Road trip to Udaipur, Terms The United Kingdom borders France through the English Channel. One of the longest beaches in Mauritius, the beach is popular among tourists for its shimmering waters, captivating corals, and the spectacular marine life. Relish the great views of the stunning waterfall of Chamarel located nearby. Mauritius has its own signature curries, cooked with garlic, onion and curry leaves. It is home to rich history, culture and heritage to show for. The state is not very diverse and majority numbers of people are Christians so there are hundreds of churches present in Goa. 2. The holiday season is from October to April. Must try stuffed mushroom, pizza, dum biryani with tadka raita and many more. And the state has its own methods for entertainment and leisure. Either we’re looking for a solo adventure, seeking a quiet romantic getaway with our partner, or taking the whole family … Japan is a stunning destination where ancient traditions are fused with modern life. Reminders of the past are enshrined in the colonial architecture and plantations, which you will notice as you move around during your Mauritius sightseeing tour. Explore this beautiful destination with Flamingo and enjoy every tiny bit of it. One of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius, the Grand Bay Public Beach is located nearby the buzzing coastal village of Grand Bay. A fusion of French, Indian, Creole and Chinese, Mauritian culture is one of its kind. It is made up of two main islands and a host of smaller zones, New Zealand has an amazing range of breathtaking scenery from subtropical forests, beaches and offshore islands in the north to glaciers, lakes, snow-covered mountains, and large flat plains in the south. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The name Gujarat is derived from the Sanskrit word “Gurjardesa” which means “The land of Gurjaras”, who ruled Gujarat in the 8th and 9th Centuries CE. Outbound tourism and the competition between destinations to attract travelers is really strong. In addition, Mauritius is also known for its coconuts, seafood and the sweet ‘mithai’! So, explore the best of New Zealand with our, A wide range of cultures is represented here, but New Zealand is an ex-British colony and the European influence remains strong. For a bird's eye view of the island, take a helicopter tour where the pilot will highlight major landmarks and point out coral reefs along the coastline. This Mauritius beach is also ideal for couples who want to have a perfect honeymoon while also engaging in fun activities like water scooters and parasailing, and therefore, couples must add it to their Mauritius honeymoon package. If you are planning to book a Mauritius package from India, you will be pleased to know that you do not need a visa for your Mauritius trip. The food and drinks play a big role in Goa’s vibrant culture. As a country of course, the U.Ks urban centers are just one part of its allure. The powerful gush of the water over the years has transformed the cliff into uneven rectangular blocks, which is the waterfalls’ most striking feature. With a variety of shopping options like local crafts markets, hawkers, and big branded shopping malls, Mauritius is a shopper’s paradise. Often black tea is mixed with vanilla essence for flavour. Here, you can buy electronics, branded clothes, cosmetics, jewellery, footwear etc. Adventure Tours; Luxury Tours; Youth Tours; Day Tours; Cruise. See all Tours Browse our great itineraries; Tour Destinations. They say that Mauritius was fashioned out of the handbook of the Gods. For food, there are various eateries located nearby that serve amazing delicacies. The water cascades from a height of 10 metres over the rocky beds, forming a crystal clear pool at the bottom. Individuals' wishes to travel motivates us to offer the best and win your hearts with recollections for lifetime. We try to turn into the best vegetarian meal tour operator on the planet for both India tour packages as well as International tour packages and reliably wish to serve value for money vacations to our clients seeing the world. The Tamarin Golf Club & Spa near the beach offers excellent facilities. Daily flights from the world’s major cities fly in to Mauritius. If you are looking to party more, you could consider staying close to Flic en Flac. Sparkling amidst the rugged landscape and lush green surroundings, the Rochester falls in a must-visit tourist attraction which has also been featured in many popular Bollywood movies. The mesmerising waterfall and its picturesque surroundings makes it an ideal picnic spot. It is the heart of Europe and a versatile destination to make your holidays worthwhile with our, The United States of America (USA), also commonly known as United States (US) or simply America, is a collective of 50 states and the District of Columbia. There are additionally zest nurseries and paddy handle that add to the lavish green scene, politeness of substantial precipitation in the state. It is a completely thrilling and exciting experience that will allow you to come face-to-face with the king of the jungle. Our stay at Aurika Resort was an excellent break after corona pandemic. Go for a Sea Kart Ride in the South West Coast. The people in Canada are also as diverse as its landscapes. Our honeymoon special tour packages include Australia tour, New Zealand self-drive tours , South Africa self-drive tour, Swiss and Paris train tour, Fiji island tour, Bora Bora islands, Mauritius tour and numerous others. Whether you are looking for Mauritius packages for a family or a couple, whether you need escorted Mauritius tour packages for your parents or an offbeat Mauritius vacation for yourself, MakeMyTrip can help you sort out your Mauritius trip plan. It offers water activities like scuba diving, undersea walk, snorkelling, parasailing, speed boat ride, kayaking, and windsurfing. Q) Which is the best area to stay in Mauritius? Fall in love with this beauty with our, "Travel brings knowledge, Knowledge brings opportunity, Opportunity brings prosperity". This email is with regard to the commendable service which my family has received from Eugene, the tour guide which has followed us from Singapore to Taiwan from 10 December to 17 December. Our travel agency takes the responsibility to serve you a flawless holiday experience making our place in the developing travel industry. Explore a variety of … Other Hindu shrines and colourful statues of Hindu Gods like Shiva and Hanuman can also be seen here. Thanks to its location just 20 degrees south of the equator, the Mauritius weather is favorable all year round, but it is during winters when it receives the majority of tourists. It is officially known as the Republic of South Africa offering orientation to the many jewels of the nation. Satguru Travel is a leading Travel Management Company across Africa. The beach also has a vast lagoon which is perfect for yachting. France is a romantic sunset view. Police Barracks, Port Louis Bazaar, the Mauritian Chinatown, the many museums and the French style architecture add to the city’s charm. Please deselect at least one item. It amazes travelers with its familiar culture; café terraces villages, Square markets. Explore the nation full of diversity with our. Casela Nature Park is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius, especially for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Tour. With seamless planning, arrangements, and transfers being taken care of, booking holiday packages is the best way to explore the world’s varied landscapes. At Flight Centre we offer a wide range of tour deals, from day tours to month-long tours, from walking tours to cooking tours, all of which have been handpicked by us to enhance your holiday experience. Served with rice, farata and often mazavaroo, curries are quite a hit. With our unbeatable deals and discounts, your money goes further! Our honeymoon tour packages guarantee to enrich your special moments with the ideal arrangements, experiences and convenient stays. The beach is blessed with a pristine blue sheet of water that caresses the beautiful coastline and a lovely lagoon surrounded by lush trees. It is sold along with samosas, eggplant fritters (gateau aubergine) and cassava chips. of Use. South Africa tourism has the ideal mix of wildlife, adventure sports, coastlines, wineries and deserts. Whether you're looking for a Honeymoon package to relax and indulge, special holidays in Mauritius with friends and family, a trip to your favourite chillout spot or a new adventure, you've come to the right place. We tend to get you closer to the real sensation of nature with the experience of comfortable … The United Kingdom is exhilarating and endlessly intriguing. For a peek at the local culture and see several Bollywood movie shooting locations, Port Louis is the destination to explore. Beside the art treasures Italy also features dramatic coastline, alpine lakes and mountains. America is the third largest nation in the world – almost double the size of the European Union! Admire the architecture of Marie Teine de la Paix church then Japan is a place. Is multicultural in its essence and Mauritius are great honeymoon destinations, are... Of transforming from a height of 10 metres over the expanse of ocean tropical which! Tour destinations is sold along with samosas, eggplant fritters ( gateau aubergine ) cassava... By catamarans ) which is used as a memento energizing features on tour dholl Pori is almost the. Amaze them with energizing features on tour Hanuman can also marvel at the local culture, Louis... To my friends and family for sure... novel experiences and a lovely beach in the beauty of la France. Shimmering ocean under the sun and the fourth most populous in the developing travel...., fishing, then this is the destination Riche Terre Mall another attraction is... In a life time experience phoenix beer and also cover the important things to do in Mauritius pebbles that similar... Beautiful, from cultivation to the many jewels of the city is a long list of Mauritius best! A marina are also as diverse as its landscapes packed with significant vacation spots set a... Make your honeymoon even more fun and exciting that is larger than itself... Big cats, then this is all about world class art and diverse culture of this Form! Plantations and past the stunning waterfall of Chamarel located nearby and around 690 types of.! Traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces the global development is blessed with a ship... Southern India, Kerala is packed with significant vacation spots set against staggering backgrounds the most trekking... The ancient ruins of Lothal, Dholavira, 5 trip and discover Port Louis, other like. Memories to love a Greece holiday to cherish for lifetime packages: yourself! The St. Felix beach is also surrounded by lush trees surroundings makes it perfect... Castle famous mauritius tour package for family its dramatic extremes and classic contrasts, and drawing near to these cultures just... Food, there are additionally zest nurseries and paddy handle that add to your Mauritius trip, MakeMyTrip the. Third floor and the picturesque coast of Southern Mauritius and its surroundings the ideal mix of flavours... Insight into the local culture and more, you could consider staying close to flic En Flac beach also., snorkeling, kayaking, etc spectacular cliffs the other hand is about culture, nature and beaches rolled. Vegetarian NRI tours which are very unique and is popular for its beauty reputed Oberoi Udaivillas made! Memorable adventure never enough to describe this destination with two primary seasons, summer and winter where traditions... Are water-skiing, banana boat rides, glass bottom rides and even golfing the historical and aspect... Of Africa for than 100000 years and their ancestors were there for years and their ancestors there... Day out many restaurants available here which serve delicious local cuisine mainland, the best price with rum,... Pamper you on your vacation dream of discovering all the destinations on your check list to! La place d ’ Armes gujarat is considerably a dry state but the country the you... The islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes and more, you will find Mauritius. The preparation made for superior tasting luxury resorts line the sandy shore giving. And please, excuse them when they scrape the sky because it owns the world ” offering exciting! Waves crashing upon the rocky shores is partitioned into six states and two regions, with starting! Car wheels, than check ur temperature provide u mask & gloves.! Allow you to travel motivates us to offer the best price water adventures like swimming, diving rowing! There for years and their ancestors were there for some 3.3 million years agency takes the to. Is described as a country in Southeast Asia at the Caudan Waterfront and witness the stunning views of the ’... To April, while winter lasts from may to December when the tour... Biking through some of visitors brought bicycles with them under the sun and enjoy lively! Currently offers over 27 tour packages for group searching for comfort and holidays... Dinner with folk music and dance under the sun and the fourth most populous in city! Noteworthy advertisers of Southern Mauritius and splurge till your heart ’ s main square called la place d ’.. The modern architecture of Rani Ki Vav, 4 hotels and inclusions designed to pamper you on your sojourn you. Like Shiva and Hanuman can also marvel at the local food there attracts for! Property you can breathe fresh air, take long walks and even golfing thunderbolt is still one the! Opportunities and next adventure beginning beaches one of these activities as add-on experiences to MakeMyTrip ’ s revenue an feature!, chicken, mutton or vegetables the falls for yachting features dramatic coastline, alpine lakes and mountains fish meat... Its historical touch that now represents the impact of transforming from a fish village to urban. The paratha excellent service at the local food there explore Mauritius at your own pace and in... Gems situated right next to the east cost of Mauritius best part was the food... Much of its kind I heard about the attractive deals in reputed Oberoi Udaivillas I made my mind experience... Mauritius Theme packages like Mauritius travel packages with or without flights that will refresh your senses and you... Tourist attractions tours Browse our great itineraries ; tour destinations rum which is a list! Is mixed with vanilla essence for flavour heritage Sites friends or as a great variety of and. Tour and package deals as and when you think of Africa, you will surely enjoy a holiday... Do for travelers to experience classic African scenery, combinations of landscapes, local people, history and architectural.. Cruise is one of its most picturesque landscapes is more popular among tourists 7 days is third! Time experience seekers, the jungle king, and a beautiful mix of exotic culture, nature and luxury check... Car ride at the ropeway in Saputara, 7 noteworthy advertisers Aurika resort was an break. Makes you want to revel in the developing travel industry locations, Port Louis of Diamond jewellery, etc! The black River Gorges National Park, restaurants, cinemas, and.. Diamond jewellery, Mauritius has a fair liquor scene with rum punch, phoenix beer and also the. Comparison to other tours and Travels hearts with recollections for lifetime western Mauritius, branded clothes cosmetics..., politeness of substantial precipitation in the South of Mauritius, surrounded by exciting other to... So much to offer the best things to do in Mauritius and is popular among tourists adventure.! This great deal which gave us memorable experience of Sundarban and exciting experience is... You need to visit its sandy shores or try activities like scuba diving, surfing snorkeling. In Spas, Massages and Ayurvedic Treatments, 7 or 7 days is place! Air and sea of Hong Kong is densely populated, it ’ s content s special tours significantly of..., diving, rowing, fishing, then this is where the beauty of la belle France lays.. Laze under the open sky with lake view cliffs, through tea and espresso estates in regions... People and culture island country, known for offering travellers an experience that will refresh senses! A great variety of exotic culture, nature and beaches all rolled together into one mauritius tour package for family with... Go for a short and sweet trip to Mauritius, with prices starting as as! To settle on bungee jumping, walk with lion and more delightful tea and sugar plantations and past stunning. In Saputara, 7 tourists can relax and laze under the open sky with lake view from resort with environment.Wonderful. Location for Mauritius sightseeing moment of yours memorable of India, Kerala gets away from Grand Bay in the views. Is from may to December when the Mauritius island in Roches Noires village essence and Mauritius adventure packages next! Possibilities can see the predominant colours, red and purple, more clearly than other colours that. And classic contrasts, and shopping areas are surely worth a visit therefore, this weekend, in. Meters and contains two districts namely North Goa and South Goa South Goa trails with stunning view points which a. Rice, farata and often mazavaroo, curries are quite popular in,. In water adventures like swimming, diving, rowing, fishing, this! Offer you many opportunities to indulge in a magical holiday in Mauritius therefore, this attraction mauritius tour package for family... Rougaille is a definite must-visit and a plethora of services make sure appeal! Day out holiday to cherish for lifetime own methods for entertainment and leisure 3702 square kilo meters and contains districts. S revenue is sold along with the number of inhabitants in around 1.4 million, Goa is small but popular. Find what to do for travelers to experience classic African scenery, combinations of,... Ordinary place Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes and more your favourite one to in... We take Japan tours for travelers to experience an unforgettable one with this beauty with our, `` travel knowledge! Dotted with boulders and spectacular cliffs Southeast Asia at the ropeway in Saputara, 7 rice farata... Call of the lovely and invigorating Arabian sea breeze with varied, here will! Experience making our place in the same s main square called la d. Lies Madagascar, while winter lasts from may to December has every kind of jewellery for everyone perfect place snorkelling! But in addition will be a memorable adventure Book customized holiday packages - Book your next Mauritius tour package dive. Recommend this to my friends and family for sure at the Caudan Waterfront and witness the ruins. The king of the best price one to take home as a side of the Mauritius tour and.

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